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Are you sick of the long queues outside school for pick-up?  Do you want to add another hour to your productive day before your children get home?  Want to teach your children valuable life skills?  Do you want to reduce your family’s carbon footprint?  Get your children on the school bus!

Who is allowed to ride the school bus?  

The school buses are for primary and secondary school students only.  The general public is not allowed to take the school bus. Paid parents may accompany their child from time to time (e.g. first time riders).

How much does it cost?  

Years K-2 ride for free!  Years 3-6 would need to check if they can apply for school bus pass which would allow your child to travel free to and from school.  You need to live a minimum distance from the school to be eligible.  1.6k straight line or 2.3k walking or further.  If you don’t qualify for free school travel you can also purchase a school term bus pass.

Alternatively, a child/youth Opal card (green in colour) would work as well.  

How do I know which route my child takes? 

Below is a list of all the bus routes.  If you want to see the actual stops on the route head to the AnyTrip app and take a look as they are clearly marked (e.g. For bus 561 search for 561n on app. The n denotes a school bus route).     We strongly encourage parents and students to know their stop and confirm it’s on their route prior to travelling.  

How does my child get on the school bus from school?

The student should notify their teacher in the mornings they intend to ride the bus.  All students taking the bus go to the COLA at the end of school and a teacher walks them over to the bus area where they are assisted in boarding.

What happens if my child misses the school bus?

If your child doesn’t make the bus in time they are instructed to go to the office where a parent or carer will be called to collect them.  

What happens if they miss their stop?

Have a plan B in place before they ride.  If your child doesn’t press the bell in time or the driver misses their stop it would be good for parent and child to know what happens next.  It’s helpful to have your child know a parent’s phone number or have it written down somewhere easily accessible for them.  It’s also helpful for your child to know cross streets of their normal stop to assist the driver.  Download the app “ANY TRIP” and track your child’s bus real time to see where it’s at (e.g. For bus 561 search for 561n on app. The n denotes a school bus route).  

Who is responsible for my child when riding the school bus?

All parents and carers are responsible for their children when travelling to/from school.  The school helps facilitate the use of the school buses but is not responsible for your child once they have left school grounds.  Our school’s expectations matrix clearly states: All students using school buses should be respectful: use polite manners and listen to staff instructions. Students should be responsible: walk not run, care for your own belongings and always behave in a safe manner.  Students should be learners: board the correct bus, arrive on time and move promptly to designated bus area.  

What are the morning and afternoon bus routes?


Before school buses 

Arrive at Myahgah Rd entrance, Mosman Public School

 560n - Depart Florence St Cremorne via Spofforth St

 563n – Depart Beauty Point via Spit Road

After school buses 

Depart from Myahgah Rd entrance, Mosman Public School

 560n - Florence St Cremorne via Spofforth St

 562n - Musgrave Wharf via Ragland St

 567n - Esplanade Balmoral via Ragland St

 561n – Clifton Gardens via Bradley’s Head Rd and Prince Albert St

 586n – Georges Heights via Middle Head Rd


• For detailed route information, departure and arrival times download the free ‘Any Trip’ travel app.

• In the search bar at the top enter ‘Myahgah Rd, Mosman Public School’ In the search bar at the top of the screen to display all the scheduled departures and arrivals via Mosman Public School.

• Select “Active Vehicles” tab at the bottom of the screen and enter the route number to show live progress of the bus once it is in progress. This is a great way to accurately track the bus and get an accurate arrival time at any given stop. (Note the n after the bus number denotes a school bus route e.g. 561n)

• It’s always best to meet your child at the bus stop to ensure they alight safely.